I have been managing word-centered projects for over 15 years. Projects range from child-led explorations of story to the possibilities for literature within architecture. Many of these projects have involved hard-to-reach groups such as: rough sleepers, Looked After Children, Pupil Referral Units, and prisons.

“David breaks the mould of what is expected by teachers, librarians and young people. His ability to connect with boys has been instrumental in hooking them into reading. In one project involving children in care, he listened to them and befriended them with a genuine interest and warmth. Just the one-on-one attention gave these children a sense of self-esteem and worth. Then, once he knew and understood them, he started to share books with them, just as friends would share suggestions on what to read. This was so different from the usual approach of jumping straight in with a pile of books and trying to give them out during the first visit. Bearing in mind David was told many of the young people were not readers, this wasn’t plain sailing- yet David discovered in each of these children- in partnership with them- their inner reader.”

Anne Sarrag, Director, Summer Reading Challenge.


Inside My Farm project, funded by Shropshire Hills AONB

“Children see the world with clearer eyes, naturally, without inhibition. These beautiful films are a child’s eye view of the place [to which] they belong. Wonderful.”

Michael Morpurgo, Author.